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63 Office International Consultancy provides extensive business and management consulting services that caters both local and international clients, offering services from business registration to office setup.

Our clients, our priority.

Our business and management consulting services strongly concentrate on our clients' most pressing issues and significant opportunities across all industries. We bring functional expertise, and we are known for our universal perspective: capturing the value across boundaries and between the cores of any organization.

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Our Services

  • Learning Event

    Our main mantra is, "life is a continuous process of learning", that is why we conduct seminars and workshops that you can attend for added knowledge that will definitely help your organization

  • Management Consultancy

    We will help your organization on monitoring and improving your performance. We will be on every step and we will make sure that there is a beneficial result.

  • Organizational Development

    We have expertise that will guide you through the process of organizational development - from identifying the root of the problems to creating resolutions.

  • Visa Processing

    Tourist Visa. Special Work Permit. Alien employment permit. Working Visa. Investors Visa. Student Visa.

  • Tour Package

    Business Trip. Cruise. Tour Package prep interisland and international trip

  • Exchange Student Program

    Program Development. Visa Processing.

  • HR Process Outsourcing to include

    Direct access to a team of experienced HR professionals that deliver complete support, with targeted support hours performing highest priorities, build HR infrastructure, and help with any HR need.

Our Mission

To assist every start up business with their ventures from registration to business operation

Our Vision

To be the most preferred one-stop business solution


We have experienced executives with proven leadership credentials.
Our experienced team understands every challenge a new business faces.

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